Ampm - get on it / troubled island - AMpm - Get On It / Troubled Island (Vinyl) at Discogs

I handed him my phone to scan the coupons from the AMPM Scratch Power app so I could get my coffee and cheeseburger for free. He said that they don’t take those coupons when it’s busy because they don’t have enough time. I told him that it doesn’t say that anywhere on the coupons and that he ignored me for almost 10 minutes when it wasn’t busy. He said firmly, that he would not honor those coupons. I told him that we’ve argued for way longer about it then it would take to scan the bar-code on the coupons, and I asked him to remove the coffee and cheeseburger from the receipt and that I would wait until everybody was gone so that he could then scan the app and give it to me for free.

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AMpm - Get On It / Troubled IslandAMpm - Get On It / Troubled IslandAMpm - Get On It / Troubled IslandAMpm - Get On It / Troubled Island